Friday, May 3, 2013

A lil stress

Keep thinking of it n I just can't get it out from my mind.. The worry, the stress etc.
After a talk, I could sense that the current ones it's better.

I just do not understand why it's so 'simply' for you all to 'dump' someone who has no background in it? It's soooo private n confidential until u all using the black screen to avoid people seeing it.

How could you let someone who has zero knowledge on this specific area to multitask summore. Less than one month to knowledge transfer n be super independent after that? Super less point of refer after the one n only left?

With all this, do you expect a perfect performance??? Fast plus right at first time with super less knowledge.. Bravo!

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m!Z_w0rLd said...

aiya, expectations are set..
just take up the challenge and do ur best..

no need so stress geh..nvr do nvr know..
maybe u can do better than they expect..
always think and do it positively la.. =)

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